**FILE** Ime Udoka (Wikimedia Commons)
**FILE** Ime Udoka (Wikimedia Commons)

The Boston Celtics announced a yearlong suspension of head coach Ime Udoka for reportedly making “unwanted comments” to a female staffer with whom he had an affair. Some say Udoka’s punishment was warranted, while others say it was extreme. What are your thoughts?

Analisa Leonard, Washington, D.C.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see who was involved here. This should have been handled privately like any other HR issue unless they were willing to expose her, too. When will they learn? It’s all fun and games until they get caught, and then it becomes something else.

Lucien Braan, San Antonio

Get ready for the lawsuits. This should have been handled in-house, not in the media.

Debra Jerry, Washington, D.C.

Look, I need coaches and players to know that your title does not put you on a pedestal but under a microscope. Stop setting yourself up for failure.

Resheedah Davis, New York

I’m not bothered by this story. Not because it is or isn’t true, but it’s funny how Brett Farve isn’t being dragged through the social media world. Somehow this is a bigger scandal than stealing from the less fortunate with help from a governor. 

Keith Kysel, Chicago

If he signed the contract knowing the terms of messing around with other employees, then it is what it is.

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