The first “Nation’s Report Card” by the National Assessment of Educational Progress since the outset of the coronavirus pandemic shows that students’ math and reading scores have hit lows not seen in more than two decades. What are your thoughts?

Verónica Nelson, New York

With them not being in school, it was bound to happen. But let’s hope it’s just a lull. Moreover, a study will be done on younger kids not affected by the shutdown.

Dowdy Jackson, Germantown, Md.

There are several reasons for this. One is that most parents aren’t good teachers. Teaching is a profession where teachers are trained. Not everyone is going to be a good teacher. Access to high-speed Wi-Fi is also an issue. Some households are noisy with a ton of distractions. How do you address the needs of kids who need extra help? Some kids rely on school meals. The list goes on and on.

Pamela Velez, Washington, D.C.

It’s probably because kids were kept inside for an entire year, made to stare at screens, and penalized when they couldn’t sit still like adults in a 9-to-5.

Shawn Sanford, Chicago

We’re definitely seeing this live. I’m on it. We can’t depend on schools to close this gap for our kids.

Rebecca Waller, Athens, Ga.

I was expecting this to happen. And as a matter of fact, most of our students are also bothered about guns now. The environment is not safe enough to learn anymore.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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