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Since the purchase of Twitter by controversial billionaire Elon Musk, users and celebrities alike have announced they are leaving the platform. What are your thoughts?

Lester Holmes, Cleveland

We need our own platforms to stop being at the mercy of others.

Delphine Fairley, Washington, D.C.

They should leave. Why keep making that racist rich and being part of something that allows insults and lies against you? Karen Hunter has a platform. Move over there.

Debra Farmer, Meridian, Miss.

I left today! I don’t ever use it anyway. Certainly not paying for it.

Elliot Tate, Wilmington, Del.

Letting an eccentric billionaire influence your decision to interact on a social media platform is quite telling. Zuck isn’t any better. Protect your peace by whatever means, but you’re better off blocking and keeping it moving.

Nelson Veale, Lewiston, N.C.

Join Fanbase if you decide to leave Twitter. Black-owned social media platform. I’m staying on Twitter until it gets too toxic.

Compiled by Sarafina Wright

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  1. I love it I just love it half of Congress and Democratic Senate must be having to change their diapers every 5 minutes the other half who can still make it to the bathroom cuz they’re not too old they’re probably like wanting to cut their wrist now that Elon Musk is the owner of Twitter I love it I like his platform I like everything he stands for I don’t care where he came from but of course you know somebody on I don’t know MSNBC some imbecile is going to investigate everything about Elon Musk who voted Democrat two years agohe’s going to take him down okay well whatever delusional idea he has it’s not going to work God I cannot believe this is not a third world country of politicians I’m going to tell on you; I’m going to do this I’m going to do that the fighting among politicians is outrageous. Who voted these imbeciles into office especially the one that holds the highest office oh that’s right he wasn’t really voted in.

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