Vincent Orange (Courtesy photo)
Vincent Orange (Courtesy photo)

Former D.C. Council member Vincent Orange has relinquished his leadership with the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, where he served for the past four years as president and CEO.

While no clear reason has been provided for Orange’s seemingly abrupt departure, the Chamber announced earlier this month that under his leadership the organization “has seen many of its financial fortunes dwindle over the past few years,” and that Orange would part ways with the chamber on June 30.

Orange quickly countered in an email to reporters that he has “never been reprimanded or censured” by District ethics officials and that the Chamber “did very well under my leadership.”

“Thank you for allowing me to serve in this position,” Orange wrote in a letter Tuesday to the Chamber’s board of directors, staff and others, outlining his accomplishments at the 82-year-old organization.

“Our accomplishments together have been tremendous, overwhelming, and outstanding,” Orange, 63, wrote. “With a staff of seven workers, we were able to overcome significant challenges, barriers and obstacles and rise from the fourth rank Chamber in the region to the ranking of second as reported by the Washington Business Journal in the 2020 Book of List. Upon filing the DC Chamber’s 2019 Form 990, due July 15, 2020, indicating gross revenue [over] three million dollars, will more likely than not, propel the DC Chamber to the number one ranking. We achieved this gross revenue goal of $3 million a year ahead of schedule.”

Orange, who now plans to run again for D.C. Council as an independent Democrat, said his efforts have increased the Chamber’s membership by nearly 475 people. He also said that his overall performance had provided him afforded him the opportunity to be recognized in the class of Power 100 recognition by the Washington Business Journal in 2017 and 2018, as well as being appointed to the United States Chamber of Commerce Committee of 100 Chief Executive Officers, and a 2018 induction into the Washington, DC Hall of Fame Society.

“I end my tenure as president and CEO while simultaneously becoming a new member, [per] the Law Office of Vincent Orange, of the DC Chamber of Commerce,” he wrote. “I now look forward to a great DC Chamber member experience.”

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