Viola Davis
Viola Davis stars in "Widows." (Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)

Viola Davis’ latest film, “Widows,” released over the weekend, is already generating Oscar buzz.

The action thriller, directed by Steve McQueen of “12 Years a Slave” fame and inspired by the 1983 British TV series of the same name, shines light on a trio of women with diverse backgrounds who desperately plan a robbery to pay off the debts of their deceased husbands.

The film takes viewers on a roller-coaster ride, complete with a handful of unexpected twists and turns amid troubling backdrop of concerns that plague modern-day Chicago.

For the most part, it’s the aplomb of Davis and her crafty partners in crime (played by Michelle Rodriguez, Elizabeth Debicki and Broadway star Cynthia Erivo) that keeps the film rolling along with originality and credibility.

But Davis — sporting a comely natural hairdo — undoubtedly serves as the film’s Oscar-caliber engine, particularly as she tensely gathers and coaches her not-so-sure crew, telling them, “no one thinks we have the balls to pull this off.”

Seems like Davis, at age 53, is well on her way to a second Oscar.

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