Thousands of school bus drivers in Virginia who filed for unemployment benefits to help tide them over during the coronavirus pandemic have been asked to reimburse the state to the tune of $7,000 each.
The bus drivers claim that the state’s demand points to a glitch in the Virginia Employment Commission system that has filled them with anxiety, stress and dread, according to The Virginia Mercury. The glitch involves a federal law that limits when school employees qualify for unemployment benefits such as for long periods of schools closings.
Although the drivers had held out hope that the matter would have been taken up during the special meeting of the General Assembly, state lawmakers apparently concluded their work for the session without offering a solution.
Meanwhile, Virginia Secretary of Labor Megan Healy, who also serves as a VEC spokesperson, said the state will review each claim on a case-by-case basis, The Mercury reported.
“We are taking every bus driver case seriously and hopefully we’ll have it resolved soon,” Healy said.

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