The Virginia Department of Health will start a new coronavirus vaccine pre-registration system Tuesday.

Local health districts were told by state officials to shut down their operations Friday to make way for the new system, InsideNoVa reported.

A health department news release said existing waiting lists will be ported to the new system and pre-registration won’t be available in Virginia until Tuesday.

Dr. Danny Avula, Virginia’s vaccine coordinator, said people who are already registered through their local health departments won’t lose their place, the health department said.

In addition, data from the Virginia Immunization Information System will be utilized to remove people from the pre-registration lists who have been inoculated.

However, the Fairfax County Health Department will not join the statewide pre-registration system because agency officials were not ready to make the switch, Avula said. Fairfax’s health department is independent of the state’s system, reported.

As of Monday, Virginia has approximately 552,000 coronavirus cases and 7,000 virus-related deaths. In terms of vaccinations, about 1.4 million total doses have been administered with 1,029,052 people receiving at least one dose of the two-shot vaccine and 337,968 having gotten both.

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