An additional $300 in unemployment funding has been delayed again after the Virginia Employment Commission admitted to a system outage and federal bank holiday earlier this week that affected the distribution of the money.

Although VEC officials on Thursday released Lost Wages Assistance funds that still have to be processed, an agency spokesperson said those with direct deposit could have received their money by late Thursday while others might have to wait up to three business days, Richmond’s ABC News affiliate reported.

“Our staff were working hard to try to get it to happen earlier and it just didn’t sync. The programs didn’t mesh together,” the spokesperson told the affiliate.

Nevertheless, while some claimants told the news outlet that they received an email notification about the second delay, others complained they were left in the dark.

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  1. I was told the lost wages money was being processed yesterday 10/15/2020 and be deposited in accounts over the next three business days. Only to receive a email and a text from VEC today 10/16/2020 around 2 pm stating that TODAY the money was being processed and should be deposited in everyone’s account who qualify no later than Wednesday. Wednesday? WTF THATS 10/21/2020. The email was worded a bit different and the lady I spoke to in a chat from the VEC website told me it would be within the next 48 hours and make sure I check my account. And if it’s not there check the account the day after that. And if it’s not in that day……….check it the one after that. And ended out chat session. What the heck!!!! I mean seams to me that we being told what we want to hear for the most part to keep use pacified til they can figure out how to get there head out there ass. What is really going on? Pick up the phone and call a state next door. Get some outside fu$&ing advice. Ask for help. Obviously someone needs to do something different. At this point all the money will be owed out (if not already) and if we get it I bet we won’t have it a day and be broke again from paying our bills. I understand not wanting to admit you f$&?ed up but lives of hundred thousand plus people. Get it done or hand it over to someone els that’s capable.

  2. Mine will hit on monday! I got the notification bank this morning! Everyone remain calm and keep praying to the heavens above and have faith god will lead it to us!

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