Jennifer Okosun
Jennifer Okosun (Courtesy photo)

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt lives and lawmakers remain vigilant with mixed messages regarding the reopening of cities, a lot of families have been left to deal with the resulting stress.

As a result, Esther Productions Inc. and Young Parents Elevation Network will host “National Reconciliation Week for Self & Family,” a virtual event, from June 10-17.

The event is designed to help families cope with the stress they have endured in recent months as well to discuss and reconcile with each other on a variety of issues that affect mothers, fathers and children.

“A lot of people are at home right now whether they want to be there or not,” said Jennifer Okosun, founder of Young Parents Elevation Network, who will co-moderate the event. “There are a lot of emotions that will come up that have not been reconciled within their families that they are still going through.”

The program will feature Larry Shaw of Shawinspires, author Mike Smothers, Paul Bashea Williams LCSW-C LICSW, author of Dear Future Wife: A Man’s Guide and a Woman’s Reference to Healthy Relationships, Michelle Garcia, executive director of the DC Office of Victims Services and Justice Grants and Linda Nielsen, Wake Forest University Professor and author of “Improving Father-Daughter Relationships: A Guide for Women and Their Dads.”

Jonetta Rose Barras (Courtesy photo)

The week of events is being curated by Jonetta Rose Barras author of “Bridges: Reuniting Daughters & Daddies” and founder of Esther Productions Inc.

Barras said the event will be very helpful at a critical time.

“A lot of people are suffering a lot. They have lost their loved ones. How do they center themselves because right now, some people are fractured and don’t know and where to go,” Barras said. “It is important that they understand self-care, restoring and repairing what is going on in the family.”

The program will be presented through Zoom and Facebook Live. Registration is required. For more information, click here.

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