(Latinos Health) – Vitamin C is known to provide individuals with enough immune system boost, avoid skin wrinkling, eye problems and prenatal health problems. Most people even think that taking vitamin C supplements can help in the prevention of colds although WebMD writes that experts state there is little proof in that belief. Fortunately, here is an added benefit that a new study has discovered – it can be as beneficial as a morning exercise for obese individuals.

Examiner reports that according to a research done at the University of Colorado, vitamin C supplements, when taken by overweight or obese individuals, can have the same heart benefits as when they do exercise, including improving the functions of the blood vessels.

Most overweight and obese individuals have problems in the blood vessels like an elevated endothelin-1 (ET-1) activity, a protein that allows constriction of small vessels. Due to this activity, there is less response to blood flow demand once the small vessels become constricted, increasing the risk of developing heart problems.


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