(Alternative Media Syndicate) – Police and city officials have just released the dashcam video showing the traffic stop harassment, just moments before Officer Michael Slager fatally shot Walter Scott.

Scott can be seen in the video trying to exit the vehicle, and being ordered back in before finally making a run for it.

Officer Slager already had Scott’s driver’s license, but there are a number of reasons why he might have chosen to run. One of those reasons was that it seemed Slager was intent upon harassing Scott, regardless of what he did or said.

Some have speculated that this had something to do with Scott being an African American male, driving a luxury car in the Deep South. Others speculate that there were minor offenses that Scott was worried about the officer using to lock him up.

Whatever the exact reason, we will never known, since only moments after Scott fled the Mercedes and left behind a passenger in the car, he was shot and killed.


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