The White House is seen here after a January 2016 snowstorm. (Courtesy of
The White House is seen here after a January 2016 snowstorm. (Courtesy of

For the third year in a row, the nation can look forward to a warmer-than-normal winter, according to the National Oceanic Atmosphere and Administration’s Climate Prediction Center, which also predicts that the East Coast — which has up to a 40 percent chance of having a warmer winter — will also have less precipitation.

While winter 2017-18 (December through February) will feature a nationwide split between colder-than-average and wet conditions in portions of the northern states, southern regions will overall experience warmer-than-average and dry conditions, according to predictions released this week by NOAA and The Weather Company.

NOAA reports that weak La Niña conditions are expected to develop this winter, which may influence large-scale weather conditions this winter ahead.

“As is typical in La Niña base state winters, we expect the greatest risk of cold early in the winter in the eastern U.S., with the cold retreating towards the Pacific Northwest as the winter progresses,” said Todd Crawford, chief meteorologist with The Weather Company.

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