Courtesy of Washington Gas Light Company
**FILE** Courtesy of Washington Gas Light Company

We are now several weeks into the pandemic and continue to work every day as an essential service provider to make sure our customers have natural gas service, all while ensuring safety and reliability every step of the way. We thank you for your patience as we continue to work together through the challenges and stress we all face every day.

And, as an essential service provider, our work must continue in these trying times so that you can continue to use natural gas as an energy source for your daily needs. That means we continue to perform critical system maintenance and construction out in the field where needed. Additionally, as of June 1, we will no longer limit our service orders to emergencies and service turn-on requests and will resume responding to all service request orders.

In delivering gas safely—our number one priority—we take every step to ensure our infrastructure is maintained to improve system reliability and minimize disruptions, all while meeting or exceeding the highest standards of safety and quality to better serve our customers. With the vast majority of our customers remaining at home, we know that our essential work in your neighborhood can be disruptive. We will do all we can to minimize the impact.

Most of the infrastructure work we perform in your neighborhood does not require entry into the home and should not result in an interruption of service. When inside work is required, to protect our technicians, we ask that you let us know if anyone in your home is ill before we arrive. Our crews and contractors follow precautionary protocols such as wearing masks, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and practicing safe social distancing of at least 6 feet when performing work on location.

We cannot overstate the importance of our crews and contractors who practice safe social distancing at all times when conducting work in neighborhoods to reduce risk. Our team is committed to preserving your well-being at every turn, with an emphasis on social distancing, to protect both yourself and our workers. We ask that you to give our crews the space they need to work by maintaining an appropriate distance of 6 feet or more from them at all times.

We will continue to stay connected with our customers to inform you of the latest information, provide access to resources and offer assistance. Our practice of waiving late payment fees, suspending disconnections and offering payment arrangements continues to be in effect until we get past this crisis. We encourage you to visit our Coronavirus Alert webpage at for timely updates and developments.

As always, if you think you smell gas or are experiencing a natural gas-related emergency at any time, please call 911 and then call us at 1-844-WASHGAS (927-4427). We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to respond to emergency calls.

We’ve called the D.C. area home for more than 172 years and we have always been there to support our community through good times and bad. We know that if we remain united and support each other, we will emerge from the pandemic even stronger.

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