Scott Mendelson, FORBES

(Forbes)—The House of Katzenberg really needed a hit like Home. I was pretty grim about the box office prospects for DreamWorks Animation’s DWA +5.1% Home in my “box office” portion of my mixed-positive review. I promised a Mea Culpa if the film ended up being a big hit, but frankly I didn’t think I’d have to offer one this soon. I was super optimistic about How to Train Your Dragon 2, and I’m generally optimistic about DreamWorks animated features, both in terms of artistic potential and box office returns. But they’ve been in a bad place the last few years, with middling returns for the likes of TurboMr. Peabody and ShermanRise of the Guardians, and The Penguins of Madagascar. Even I had given up hope, feeling a bit like Charlie Brown after being promised by Lucy that this time she’d totally let him kick that football.

But Home is indeed looking like the smash hit, the smash non-sequel hit no-less, that DreamWorks desperately needed. I am very happy to have been wrong this week. Because Home, starring Rihanna, Jim Parsons, and Jennifer Lopez, made $54 million over its debut weekend. It has now grossed $102.2m worldwide.



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