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Austin R. Cooper, Jr.
Austin R. Cooper, Jr., Managing Editor

Happy New Year! 

For the first edition of 2022, we decided to include links to each of the feature stories from the previous nine 2021 newsletters. Topics covered ranged from “Longtime Black Homeowners Feel Pressure to Sell Houses” to “Homeowner’s Dreams Deferred on Talbert Street in Southeast” to “With Infrastructure Windfall Possible, D.C. Can Avoid Mistakes of the Past” to “D.C. Churches Build Equity For Black Homeowners.” 

In each of our feature articles, we want to share the personal stories and challenges of Black homeowner District residents like 98-year-old Aunt Mildred Chappelle, as told in “Elderly Woman May Lose Home Owned by Family for Almost 100 Years.”  

The Our House D.C. Newsletter is an important education and community resource tool for current and future District homeowners and I encourage you to subscribeshare with your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors and encourage that they also subscribe.

Austin R. Cooper, Jr.
Managing Editor

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Austin R. Cooper Jr.

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