(Ars Technica) – While Microsoft has continued to flesh out Windows Phone’s low-end offerings, there’s an awkward gap at the high end.

The Lumia Icon/930 and Lumia 1520 are both fine phones, but there are problems. In the US, the Icon was exclusive to Verizon, and the carrier has stopped selling it. The 1520 similarly has exclusivity issues, this time on AT&T. Further, both phones are perhaps half a generation behind. Their Snapdragon 800 processors still provide competitive performance, but Snapdragon 801 and 805 processors offer higher clock speeds and more GPU power.

This gap wasn’t supposed to exist. A high-end phone was in development, codenamed McLaren. Like the Lumia 1020, it had a big camera. Like the 1520, it had a big screen. It was cancelled, and the device seems to have disappeared without a trace. But now we know what it looked like thanks to a series of pictures that have come from China and were published on Chinese social media site Baidu.


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