It seems like common sense if you advertise when everyone else stops marketing …

•    Your message is more likely to be noticed due to fewer ads in the market

•    Your business is more likely to be remembered when everyone starts advertising again

It is common sense but yet every recession one of the first things companies do is pull back on their marketing and advertising.

“Got to cut every expense we can cut!”

That’s what you’re feeling. Right?

There ain’t no money coming in.

“I gotta save every penny.”

“We’re in survival mode.”

I understand the panic. Our generation has never experienced this “situation” before.

All of a sudden we’re questioning everything we know about Status Quo.

•    Our property values always go up.

•    Our 401k is always worth more than it was this time last year.

•    The sun always rises.

Here is what I know … This too will pass!

Most advertising has a 90-day incubation period and the experts have been telling us about a Rule of 7 for years.

Whether or not that’s true, we can never know because generally most people only remember the last ad they “saw.”

It’s more likely, it’s the last ad they recognized.

When you stop advertising, you remove yourself from your customer’s attention.

Unfortunately, this leaves room for your competitor to be the brand they recognize.

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