Clockwise from Top left: Joya Urbikas, David Rice, Courtney Vega and Kevin Hoynes. (Chicago Police Dept.)
Clockwise from Top left: Joya Urbikas, David Rice, Courtney Vega and Kevin Hoynes. (Chicago Police Dept.)
Clockwise from Top left: Joya Urbikas, David Rice, Courtney Vega and Kevin Hoynes. (Chicago Police Dept.)

By Ashahed M. Muhammad
Special to the NNPA from The Final Call

CHICAGO (The Final Call) – Four have been charged with attempted murder in a vicious May 30 double stabbing attack on a Black man and woman at a park in the largely Irish neighborhood known as Canaryville on Chicago’s Southside.

Picture posted on Kristina Fox’s FaceBook page after the attack showing stab wounds. (Kristina Fox/Facebook)

Two males, Kevin Hoynes and David Rice, both 21, and two females Joya D. Urbikas, 18, and Courtney Vega, 19, all face attempted murder charges in connection with the May 30 incident, which left the victims with multiple stab wounds. The four suspects appeared in Cook County bond court June 7.

A family friend who was authorized by the family to discuss certain details, but did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, told The Final Call the confrontation took place very early before dawn May 30.

She also said some of the attackers were reputed members of the Insane Deuces street gang who are said to be very active in the area. The victim, 30-year-old Kristina Fox told ABC7 News what took place was racially motivated. She posted the following account of the brutal incident using her Facebook account.

“On the morning of Saturday, May 30, 2015, my little brother, Marcus Fox, my daughter’s father, Darrius Walton, and myself were sitting in Taylor Lauridsen Park conversing with 3 Caucasian people we had just met (Courtney, Kevin, and Jodie). Everyone was having a nice time. Approximately 7-9 more Caucasian people arrived in the park. My little brother being the social butterfly he is introduced himself and began chatting with the new arrivals. After about 30 minutes, one of the guys out of the group we initially met and another from the group that arrived later got into a verbal altercation with each other. My little brother tried to calm things down but this soon escalated as everyone began jumping on him. It was at this point things turned for the worse as he and I fought this massive group of Caucasians consisting of both men and women. They were throwing glass bottles, crutches, bricks, and anything else they could find at us. As we continued to fight through this crowd of assailants to get away, more Caucasians came from out of nowhere and joined in brutally attacking us delivering closed fist blows and kicks to our bodies and head.”

Her brother, Marcus Fox suffered a punctured lung and was taken to Stroger Hospital, while Ms. Fox suffered multiple abrasions on the face, back and neck as well as multiple stab wounds to her body.

Members of the Nation of Islam, community activists Kamm Howard of N’COBRA, Queen Sister of It Takes a Village, Rev. Darius Randle, Mark Carter, community organizer and radio host Afrika Porter, Jedidiah Brown of the Young Leaders Alliance, anti-violence activist Ameena Matthews of Pause for Peace and Ceasefire founder Tio Hardiman, who is also running for Congress gathered June 6 near the spot of the attack in support of the siblings who were to make sure it is known that the Black community will be watching the handing of the case by Chicago police.

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