David and Charles Koch (AP Photos)
David and Charles Koch (AP Photos)
David and Charles Koch (AP Photos)

Eric Stern, SALON

(Salon) – Who says the Koch brothers don’t care about the needy?

Lost amid the noise of the presidential election is the news, little reported, that the Kochs have begun offering seminars that teach life skills such as frugality, discipline and self-sufficiency to people who are struggling to survive in tough times.

This is not a joke.  The institute is called the Bridge to Wellbeing and is housed in the foundation arm of the Kochs’ political group, Americans for Prosperity. There are seminars being offered with such names as Couponing, Budgeting, Dinner on a Dime, and Grow Your Garden, among others.

But there’s a catch.  If you read the course descriptions carefully, you will see that they also cover such topics as “how government and policies impact our lives” and “the importance of a free society.” In the Couponing course, for example, the website says that you will learn not only how to “keep the pantry full” by clipping coupons,but also how “government policies are causing food and grocery prices to rise.” And a page called “policies impacting you”  says that food is expensive because of environmental regulations espoused by Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama.



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