Whoopi Goldberg on "The View." (Courtesy ABC)

The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg has sought to clear up the televised beef she had last week with guest Judge Jeanine Pirro, saying in a tweet that she rarely allows herself to become angered.
“But I got stirred up…and I did apologize for getting hot,” Goldberg wrote. “For 20 years, this show has always had people on with different views…but you cannot come and call people names.”
Whoopi addressed the incident on the July 21 show, saying that Pirro who hosts the TV show, Justice with Pirro, “called everybody at the table a name I cannot repeat on TV and said it in front of the audience.”
For her part, Pirro claimed on Sean Hannity’s show that Goldberg said “F you” in her face and that she spit at her.
“[Whoopi] was screaming at me and I’m walking out of the building like a dog who was just kicked off. I’ve tried murder cases, I’ve gone against drug cartels… I have never been treated like that in my life,” Pirro claimed.
Goldberg, who denies Pirro’s accusations, claims that she did not spit on Pirro nor intimidate her.
“No one chased her out, but she did leave [the set] cursing at the people who book the show. She cursed at the guys who do the security for the show,” Goldberg said.

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