Health disparities among our ethnic minority groups are widening during the coronavirus pandemic. Chronic diseases are 50% to 200% more prevalent in our communities due to a lack of access to healthy foods and medical services leaving us vulnerable to higher rates of contraction. Crowded living conditions turn our homes during the time of this crisis into Petri dishes.

What can be done? Innovative holistic wellness approaches are proven to have meaningful and long-lasting positive impacts on health. The prescription drug epidemic has become addictive and only Band-Aids the symptoms. A holistic wellness approach is the most effective modern healthcare system that will restore well-being and longevity. Remarkable well-being is achieved through mind, body, and spiritual alignment transforming lives from stress and anxiety to one of health, purpose, and inner peace.  There are seven ancient universal principles taught by masters for thousands of years to reach this healthy alignment. The good news is that these ancient wisdoms and universal laws have been translated into relatable terms and everyday practices we can now do at home.

The most efficient practice to achieve remarkable wellness is through daily meditation. Meditation is a spiritual, not religious, practice that accesses you inner wisdom, and is scientifically proven to block stress hormones and reduce inflammation in the body. This is scientific evidence of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Executive Leaders, spiritualists and athletes alike have been using meditation techniques for centuries. In modern terms, think Steve Jobs, Arianna Huffington, Coach Phil Jackson and Mahatma Gandhi–all leaders and devout meditators. Yet the amazing benefits of meditation are just now entering the mainstream awareness. Knowledge of this spiritual technology has protected the powerful, and widened the disparity in minority communities’ heath & wellness. It is time that our disenfranchised communities now know what “they” know.

Meditation along with other higher consciousness techniques like Mindful Eating, Affirmations, and Renewal (rest) practices, when put together in a specific formula have transformational powers that creates alchemy, awakening inner wisdom, mind-body connection, and vitality. Healthy choices, clarity, connection and remarkable wellness are the result. It is time to close the health disparity in our communities with higher consciousness in our daily practices to improve well-being.

The ingredients to this holistic recipe are simple and accessible: Meditation, Exercise, Mindful Eating, Self-Care, Daily Affirmations & Journaling, Kindness & Gratitude, and Rest & Renewal. However, practicing the precise formula is the actual game changer. TKI Remarkable Wellness (TKI) is an emerging leader in holistic wellness coaching, a wellness community, and the resource helping minorities practice the seven areas of intention and ultimately achieve remarkable wellness. Tonya Kinlow, TKI’s founder and a nationally sought after Wellness Transformation Coach, says, “It is time for each of us, especially our leaders, to insist that holistic wellness education and practices be incorporated into our communities and organizations to close the disparities in minority health outcomes.” Kinlow continues to leverage her network, having worked in Corporate America for more than 25 years, starting the conversation on TKI’s approach to ethnic minority holistic wellness.

TKI offers transformational holistic wellness training for groups and individuals to achieve remarkable wellness. Learn more about wellness coaching, guided meditations, the wisdom of the seven intentions, curated corporate workshops, virtual at-home retreats, and webinars. To schedule your informational transformation 1:1 session with Tonya Kinlow, contact us:


“The 10 Days, A Wellness Retreat for Personal Transformation at Home”
The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

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This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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