Aiesha Braveboy (Courtesy photo)
Aiesha Braveboy (Courtesy photo)

WIN-TV’s latest episode showcased Washington Informer (WI) Publisher Denise Rolark Barnes engaging viewers with compelling guests, interviews and hot topics.

Curtis Knowles updated WIN-TV on Maryland COVID-19 hospitalization updates, new developments in state public restrictions per Gov. Larry Hogan’s new orders, vaccinations across the metropolitan area and more.

The weekly program opened the first half of the show welcoming Stacy D. Stewart, president and CEO of the March of Dimes, a grassroots organization fighting to rectify issues surrounding public health, and providing resources and equitable opportunities for expecting mothers, and children.

Next, James Lavallee, vice president of marketing at Comcast Cable, introduces Comcast RISE Award (Representation, Investment, Strength, and Empowerment), a program solely focused on providing Black, Indigenous, and minority small business owners with business services made scarce amid the health pandemic.

“We’ve looked at the impact, and social unrest of these small business owners across the board. Unfortunately, as you know, Black and brown people are impacted the most across everything, so small businesses were no different, and we are looking to provide that base in helping people,” said Lavallee.

Lavalle brought Donna Henry, owner of Soup Up, LLC, and Keisha Streeter-Clark of DC Urban Living to also share their successes as selected recipients of Comcast’s RISE Awards benefits.

Later, host Rolark Barnes introduces Aja R. Clark from D.C. Public Libraries, and Mocha Ochoa of Mocha Media, to discuss their upcoming publishing, and author events, while WI staff writer Will Ford additionally sat in with Maryland State Attorney Aiesha Braveboy to discuss Prince George’s County legislation as it relates to police reform.

Ford asked the state’s attorney why people particularly in the Black community, should continue to have faith in law enforcement and the judicial system.

“We want them to but, I think we have to prove that we will deliver justice,” said Braveboy. “I wanted to be a changemaker and I believe that I have been. We have held officers accountable, I have created a public integrity unit, we have indicted several officers, and we are sending a very strong message that the behaviors of the officers will be regulated and that we will not be afraid to charge and prosecute officers who violate the rights of others,” said Braveboy.

Rolark Barnes closed out with Dr. Valda Crowder as she dived into kidney health, and how local residents have fared this year amid the health emergency before the Media Prince’s newscast, and The Bridge’s weekly segment, “Sounds of the DMV,” this week featuring D.C. rapper Ankhle John.

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