Cora Masters Barry
Cora Masters Barry

Washington Informer Publisher Denise Rolark Barnes hosted another episode of WIN-TV on Friday, March 5, honoring Women’s History Month examining influential women and women-run organizations throughout the region.

Rolark Barnes opened the first half of the show with Lysa Ratliff, new chief executive officer of KABOOM!, who talked about the non-profit’s efforts to provide safe playgrounds for children, particularly in Black and Brown communities. She was followed by energy justice advocate Demali Rhett Harding, and District of Columbia’s First Lady for Life, Cora Masters Barry.

Curtis Knowles provided a brief news recap before Rolark Barnes introduced Ratliff to discuss her organizational role in ensuring children’s equitable access to safe playgrounds located in their own neighborhoods.

“There are communities and cities across this country that are celebrated for having wonderful public space, and yet, when you dig into it, it’s wonderful public space for who? It’s not Black and Brown communities,” said Ratliff. “There are cities and school systems where all of the schools, where you have [probably] 85 percent people of color, and there are no playgrounds in our kid’s schools. And so we exist to focus on that and address it, making sure that every single kid has equitable access to amazing places to play.”

The growing national non-profit utilizes localized data, and partnerships to build equitable play spaces across the District where the need exists, as communities are always welcome to submit applications to KABOOM!, for suggested collaborative developments.

Next, Damali Rhett Harding joined the WIN-TV conversation to discuss climate change and its impact on our households, additionally welcoming Cora Masters Barry, wife of the late Mayor Marion Barry, to discuss his legacy on his birthday weekend March 6.

“Marion will always be remembered. Before he died he said to me one day, “I don’t want to be forgotten,” and I said to him, “That’s impossible. You have impacted generations of people, your name will always be in their hearts, in their minds, and prayers, but we will see to it also that other people know your works,” said Masters.

Lastly, WIN-TV concluded the show with guests Lyn Dyson and Toni Manago of the Multi-Media Training Institute, who presented their honorary award to Dr. Calvin Rolark for excellence in social activism in journalism, community development, and philanthropy in October of 2020, also sharing information on their East of The River workshops through the D.C. Commission on the Arts & Humanities, teaching youth in digital marketing.

The Bridge news followed suit with a Friday news segment hosted by The Media Prince, and another weekly segment of, “Sounds of the DMV,” this week showcasing local rapper, “Payroll.”

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