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DC Vote and City Winery DC on Monday announced “The 51,” a line of wines created in support of D.C. statehood.

The line, which launches next month at City Winery in Ivy City, will include a “Statehood Syrah” and a “Statehood Savignon” (Blanc).

“We’re thrilled to work with City Winery on this project,” said Bo Shuff, DC Vote executive director. “City Winery is fast becoming a go-to destination in Washington, D.C. These wines, created and bottled here in D.C., will help us inform more people about D.C. statehood here in the District. They will also help introduce the rest of the United States to a different side of Washington.”

The partnership expands on DC Vote’s effort to find unique collaborations with city businesses that will help inform the public about D.C.’s bid for statehood.

Heather Otto, general manager of the City Winery, said the partnership “just makes sense” for her business.

“Part of City Winery’s commitment is to uplifting local voices,” Otto said. “Our facility is home to local artists, storytellers and events. Now, we’re working to lift an issue important to the residents of Washington, D.C.”

The launch of “The 51” line will be held Nov. 13 at 5:30 p.m. in the City Winery’s Barrell Room at 1350 Okie Street NE (valet & secure parking available). The event is free and open to the public. Details can be found at http://dcvote.nonprofitsoapbox.com/the51.

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