The D.C.-based National Council of Negro Women is set to launch a new partnership with the Women’s National Basketball Players Association and the Black Women’s Health Imperative to expand coronavirus vaccine equity among women of color and their families.
The three organizations, through the “Take the Shot for the WIN” campaign, will combine to educate and raise awareness of the benefits of immunization as a critical element of reducing hospitalizations and saving lives in communities of color, the council said.
“When spider webs unite, they can even tie up a lion,” said Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole, NCNW chair, in a statement announcing the partnership. “In the spirit of that African proverb, NCNW is partnering with Black Women’s Health Imperative and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association to encourage Black women and their families to Take the Shot for the WIN.”
Overall, the organizations will join forces to serve as trusted messengers and credible sources of information in a bid to encourage coronavirus vaccinations among Black women, their families, and communities, the statement said.
“In Black and brown communities, women play a big role in the health decisions for their children, elder parents, their partners, and themselves,” said WNBPA Executive Director Terri Carmichael Jackson. “We have seen, recently, the women of The W have pretty powerful voices and they can help mobilize our communities. It made sense, then, for our fully ‘vaxxed’ membership to prioritize COVID-19 vaccine education and form a mighty trifecta with BWHI and NCNW.”

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