Jamaica’s Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte says an announcement is expected by the end of the second quarter next year in relation to Jamaica’s way forward to becoming a republic, The Jamaica Observer reported.

“A document is currently being prepared for the prime minister and I do believe that, in due course, perhaps early in the new year [an announcement will be made],” said the attorney general. “When we go into January, the time is going to be taken up with the budget process to come. Then, by the time the budget debate and the sectoral debate are over, something concrete will be announced,” she said.

On November 29, at midnight, Jamaica’s fellow Caribbean island Barbados became the world’s newest republic by removing Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. The country also inaugurated a president during a ceremony that coincided with its 55th year of independence.

And while former Jamaican prime ministers have given a commitment to start the process for the past four decades, nothing substantial has happened. However, following Barbados’s move, calls have become louder by Jamaicans, including former Prime Minister PJ Patterson, who wrote an open letter to Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Opposition Leader Mark Golding, beseeching them to ensure that Jamaica is a republic by the time the country observes 60 years of independence in 2022.

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  1. Jamaica, to be a truly independent and sovereign should have its own, Jaimacan-born elected head of state, not one born thousands of miles away automatically becoming Queen or King of Jamaica simply by an accident of birth.

    I want a referendum on the monarchy here in the UK, too.

    Jamaicans are a proud people and should finally cast off the shackles of slavery and, by way of referendum, abolish the monarchy and have one of its own as head of state.

    It is sixty years since independence was attained, now take the final supreme office of state and elect one of your own to represent Kingston on the world stage.

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