Your Feet Tell the Story

by Valecia Weeks
Special to the NNPA from the Houston Forward-Times

If your feet could talk…. what would they say?

Would they say, “I feel nice and pretty after that relaxing pedicure.”  Would they say, “Please put some socks on me so I can avoid calloused heels.”  Or would they say, “Let me tell you just how unhealthy your entire body is”?  Ladies, isn’t it a nice feeling to be able to go to the salon and have your feet pampered – Nails done, feet scrubbed…the works.  With the information that I am about to give you, ladies I think you will agree with me that those feet deserve any pampering that we may give them.

Have you ever thought of other ways your feet can be beneficial? If you ever want to take a quick glimpse at your health, take a sneak peek at your feet

1. Red flag: Toenails with slightly sunken, spoon-shaped indentations could indicate anemia.  Internal bleeding such as ulcers or heavy menstrual cycles can cause anemia.

2. Red flag:  Frequent foot cramping (charley horses) could mean that your diet may lack sufficient calcium, potassium, or magnesium. Pregnant women in the third trimester are especially vulnerable thanks to reduced circulation to the feet.

3. Red flag: A sore that won’t heal on the bottom of the foot can be a sign of diabetes.  Elevated blood glucose levels lead to nerve damage in the feet — which means that minor scrapes, cuts, or irritations caused by pressure or friction often go unnoticed.  This problem overlooked can lead to ulcers or possible amputation.

4. Red flag: Cold feet may be nothing — or it may indicate a thyroid issue. Women over 40 who have cold feet often have an under functioning thyroid, the gland that regulates temperature and metabolism

5. Red flag: Numbness in both feet can indicate damage to the peripheral nervous system.  This is the body’s way of transmitting information from the brain and spinal cord to the entire rest of the body.

6. Red flag: Dry, flaky skin. You don’t have to be a jock to contract athlete’s foot, a fungal infection that usually starts as dry, itchy skin that then progresses to inflammation and blisters. When blisters break, the infection spreads.

7. Red flag: “Phee-uuuuw!”  Though smelly feet (hyperhidrosis) tend to cause more alarm than most foot symptoms, odor — even downright stinkiness — is seldom a sign something’s physically amiss.  THEY JUST STINK. You can combat stinky feet by changing socks regularly, wash with antibacterial soap and rub fee with cornstarch.

So, ladies continue to “pamper” those feet, you never know what story they will tell next.

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