Dozens of candidates are seeking political office in D.C. They have similar and opposing positions on a wide range of issues impacting the lives of D.C. residents. Whether they are incumbents or new to the D.C. political scene, there’s one thing now they all have in common. It is the special appeal they make each time they engage with voters. They simply say, “Chose me and vote on June 21.”

This Voter Guide intends to draw attention and action surrounding voting in the June 21 primary race in D.C. We want to familiarize voters with the candidates, not all, but those who took time to respond to questions our staff often hears voters ask. It also serves as a resource for voters who have questions about the voting process in D.C., from mail-in to in-person voting, important dates, and what incarcerated voters and returning citizens need to know.

While we wish every candidate could have participated in this guide, we ask readers not to judge those that didn’t. Instead, learn and share what you know about the candidates and encourage others to do the same and vote on June 21.

We are proud of our relationship with AARP-DC, with whom we partnered to host two candidates’ forums – at-large and mayoral – and produce this Voters Guide. History has shown that seniors are the most active and engaged voters in D.C., and they are also our most loyal and faithful readers of The Washington Informer. Together, it is our pleasure to serve them.

We also appreciate the League of Women Voters of D.C. and the D.C. Board of Elections officials who agreed to support this Voters Guide with additional resources and information. With voting under attack in cities and states across the country, detailed instructions and transparency are crucial to ensuring a fair voting process and that voters are assured their votes count.

Even though this is a mid-term election period nationally, it is a significant election locally, with the mayor, council chair, at-large, and attorney general seats all in contention. The outcome of this election has implications for the future direction of D.C. and how each community will be affected. It’s too important a race for those who live here not to vote on June 21.

We want to extend our best wishes to each candidate that decided public service is a worthy and noble endeavor. We’ve watched your performances at candidates’ forums, covered some of you on the campaign trail, mingled with you at meet-and-greets, read about you in other publications, watched you on evening newscasts, and still receive campaign literature packed into our mailboxes every single day. We know how serious you are about winning, and we wish you the best of luck.

Once again, we remind voters to cast your vote in the D.C. Primary Election on June 21, or vote early while you can. Mark your calendar for November 8, when the general election is held, and the winners will be sworn into office in January 2023.

Next year also marks the 50th anniversary of D.C. Home Rule, an act signed into law on December 24, 1973. At the same time, Statehood is our ultimate goal. D.C. Home Rule was a long and hard-fought battle. It gave us the right to exercise our vote here in the nation’s capital, although our laws and budget are still subject to the approval of Congress and the President. We pay homage to those who led the battle for Home Rule and encourage those leading the fight for Statehood to stay strong.

Again, share your voice and vote on June 21.

Denise Rolark Barnes

Denise Rolark Barnes is the publisher and second-generation owner of The Washington Informer, succeeding her father, the late Dr. Calvin W. Rolark, who founded the newspaper in 1964. The Washington...

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