The LIfe Tracker 1. (Photo: Pivotal)
The LIfe Tracker 1. (Photo: Pivotal)
The LIfe Tracker 1. (Photo: Pivotal)

SAN FRANCISCO (USA Today) — What would it take to get you to wear a fitness band? How about one that costs $12?

Entrepreneur David Donovick’s Pivotal Living startup is taking on market leaders Fitbit and Jawbone with the Life Tracker 1 — a wristband and smartphone app that promise to do the things modern fitness bands can do, at the cost of about $1 a month.

Slapping on any one of these lightweight bracelets can help you get fit by counting your steps, helping you track sleep, weight or even how much water you drink. They all work with companion smartphone apps.

For anyone who has tried one (I wear a Jawbone UP24), it’s a no-brainer proposition. They really can motivate you to get up from your desk, move around, get more sleep (or try) and generally get on track to better health goals.


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