Relaxed and excited about dental care, Terry Boone talks with a Community of Hope dental team member at the Conway Health and Resource Center in Bellevue.
Terry Boone talks with a Community of Hope dental team member at the Conway Health and Resource Center in Bellevue.

“A great smile says it all,” according to Terry Boone, a dental patient at Community of Hope’s Conway Health and Resource Center at Atlantic and South Capital Streets, SW.

The D.C. native describes himself as a man of many hats — a banquet cook, an ad-jingle-making musician, and a martial arts enthusiast. His passions have taken him all over the East Coast, meeting many people along the way.

“But what people really remember me for is my smile,” he says.

He credits the friendly dentists at Community of Hope for his smile. Mr. Boone has been a dental patient since Community of Hope opened the doors of the Conway Health and Resource Center in 2014. He is happy that accessible, quality and affordable dental care is in his Bellevue neighborhood.

“I walk in and feel immediately at home — the staff is nice and caring. I knew I was in the right place to put me in line with my health!”

Mr. Boone has come to Community of Hope for all his oral health needs like annual cleanings, fillings and root canal and wisdom teeth referrals. He looks forward to his visits with our dental team.

Dr. Halima Karim, Community of Hope’s Dental Director, says her team loves to improve smiles.

“The best part of our job is helping patients feel more comfortable about their smile,” she said.

Dr. Karim said she likes to talk with patients and understand what the patient’s goals are and share treatment options. But, she adds, there’s something more important than a beautiful smile — good oral health.

“I try to remind patients that the mouth is what you use every day, anything you put in the mouth affects your body,” she said. “Our mouths and bodies are connected. People with gum disease may have risk factors for heart disease or diabetes.”

Dr. Karim says that she stresses that routine dental check-ups can prevent a lot of oral health problems.

Many people don’t get routine check-ups because they fear of dental visits. Dr. Karim makes patients feel comfortable while in the dentist chair by talking them through what she is doing. It helps both kids and adults.

Boone says he feels at ease with the Community of Hope dental staff.

“It’s like catching up with long-time friends — I share my life events with staff, inviting them to my upcoming food shows or band gigs. It’s special to have a place where I can do that,” he said.

Paying attention to his oral health has made Mr. Boone more conscious about his overall health too. He’s now watching the ingredients he puts in his food, especially working in the food industry.

“Community of Hope has shown me what small changes can do — starting with flossing more,” he said.

Last year, Community of Hope provided compassionate healthcare to 9,825 patients. They have enrollment assisters available to sign up people who need insurance and offer a sliding fee scale to patients.

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