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After being overthrown as president of Zimbabwe in November, Robert Mugabe faces yet another scandal, this time involving his wife.

Authorities have reportedly opened an investigation of former first lady Grace Mugabe over allegations she headed a poaching and smuggling syndicate that illegally exported tons of elephant tusks, gold and diamonds from the country.

Tinashe Farawo, spokesman for Zimbabwe’s national parks and wildlife agency, said agency officials have provided police with documents pertaining to the alleged ivory smuggling case, The Associated Press reported.

During her husband’s time as president, Grace Mugabe and senior members of her staff allegedly forced parks officials to sign export permits for ivory pieces without following procedure, Farawo told AP.

To date, Zimbabwe is home to about 86,000 elephants and has the second-largest population in Africa.

However, between 2013 and 2016, an estimated 900 elephants were lost to poachers, with nearly 250 of them poisoned with cyanide or shot.

Ghana OKs Controversial Military Deal with U.S.

Ghana is moving forward with a controversial military agreement with the U.S., despite protests against the deal.

The new agreement on defense cooperation, recently approved by the Ghanaian parliament, will give the U.S. military unfettered access to some facilities in Ghana.

With this agreement, Ghana is expected to receive $20 million annually for granting U.S. forces and contractors “unimpeded access to and use of agreed facilities and areas” which will be furnished by Ghana “without rental or similar costs to the United States.”

“United States Forces and Contractors shall not be liable to pay tax or similar charge within Ghana in connection with this agreement” and for imports and exports, they “shall be exempt from any inspection, license other restrictions, customs duties taxes or any other charges within Ghana,” the document states.

In addition, the 12-page agreement grants the U.S. free use of Ghana’s radio spectrum.

Kim Kardashian Cosmetic Line Under Fire for Lack of Diversity

​Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is under fire after the launch of her new KKW Beauty cosmetics line for what critics call a lack of diversity.

​As the line launched concealer sticks over the weekend, many took to social media after noticing the hired Black model in an advertisement for the line was seen wearing the new 16 shades on her arm, none of which actually matching her natural dark brown complexion.

​Commenters described the ad as an “epic fail” “shortsighted,” and “offensive.”

​”Using the model to advertise ‘diversity’ but the shades don’t match the model is trashhhh,” one user wrote.

​In contrast, millions of consumers have hailed R&B singer Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty Beauty, which includes 40 foundation shades.

​Kardashian currently sells her beauty products exclusively on her website, making it practically impossible for buyers to test her products before purchasing.

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