Media outlets that cover the auto industry have been challenged by a prominent minority automotive group to address fairness and equity regarding the lack of inclusion.
The Black Automotive Media Group, comprised of seven Black reporters and writers who have over 150 years of combined experience in automotive journalism within radio, television, print, videography, and event planning, represent a coalition of Black journalists who either work for, or own, various automotive media platforms.
“These are interesting times of reflection for everyone. But it also marks a moment of introspection for individuals who, in turn, comprise the totality of corporate culture in America,” BAMG member Kimatni Rawlins said. “And the auto industry is not absolved due to equivalent philosophies, directives, and practices that have excluded African Americans from receiving a fair share of the resources and opportunities extended tom mainstream media.
In a recent letter to 20 U.S. market automaker brands, the BAMG outlined concerns over a lack of inclusion for Blacks in automotive media and in automobile industry corporate positions.
Automakers were asked to take action on three pillars in the letter that letter that include:
Access to press and special events;
The lack of automotive advertising and marketing dollars for Black-owned Websites, newspapers,
magazines, broadcast media, and marketing events; and
3) The lack of Black professionals who participate in developing, designing, engineering, or promoting new vehicles.
The letter also noted a lack of diversity on the North American Car, Truck and Utility of the Year
Jury, a prestigious panel of 50 North American journalists and engineers, which as of the release of BAMG’s letter, had no Black jurors.

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