(Tech Times) – With women rising in power in this new world, it so happens that they are having children at a much older age than usual. For a time, women used to have children in their twenties, now many women are having children in their mid-30s and 40s, based on a new study.

More women are choosing to seek a higher level of education, which means they have less time to start a family at an earlier age. These women usually marry at an older age, as they might have a career that takes up much of their time.

As the world continues to view women as equal, this trend will continue throughout the ages. It could end up meaning we could witness a drop in how many children are born each year, which might very well decrease the population of the world.

In the past, older women had problems getting pregnant, but with the improvement in technology and medical care, this issue is no longer as profound.


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