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Childhood obesity rates have jumped markedly during the coronavirus pandemic, especially among those who already had that condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A new CDC study found that 22% of children and teens were obese in August 2020 — up from 19% a year earlier, Fox News reported.

The report also said children gaining a healthy average of 3.4 pounds a year added 5.4 pounds during the pandemic.

Plus, for children who were moderately obese, expected weight gain increased from 6.5 pounds a year before the pandemic to 12 pounds after the pandemic started. For severely obese children, expected yearly weight gain went from 8.8 pounds to 14.6 pounds, according to the report.

Specifically, the report said, obesity rates among children ages 6-11 showed the most dramatic increase.

Dr. Alyson Goodman, a medical epidemiologist and pediatrician at the CDC, said the findings of the report are “substantial and alarming,” Fox News reported.

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