D.C. is now among the nation’s municipalities that bar public-housing residents from smoking within 25 feet of their homes.

The new rule is in accordance with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s requirement that all public housing facilities to have such a ban in place by July 30.

The rule, which applies to every household member, their visitors and vendors, as well as to all D.C. Housing Authority employees, states that no one will be allowed to smoke any lighted products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipes or water pipes, known as hookahs.

Despite the HUD mandate, prospective residents cannot be denied to housing solely because they smoke.

People caught smoking on a public housing property are subject to several enforcement actions, including oral and written warnings or legal action if repeated violations occur.

Repeat offenders will be considered in “serious violation of the lease agreement.”

Residents may also have to pay costs due to damage or smoke removal if they or their visitors violate the new rule.

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