Metrobus riders may get $100 monthly under a proposed bill in the D.C. Council. (WI File Photo/Anthony Tilghman)

The D.C. Council on Tuesday unanimously approved Council member Charles Allen’s bill that would make buses in the District free of charge.

The Ward 6 Democrat’s Metro for DC legislation would go into effect in July. Additionally, city residents with a registered SmarTrip card will get a $100 monthly stipend starting in 2024.

“Today’s vote on this transformational bill shows the District is ready to be a national leader in the future of public transit,” Allen said. “We will balance making transit a public good with ensuring world-class service continues to return to our Metro system. This bill has the support and excitement of District residents, District businesses, the union representing transit workers, and [Metro] itself. That’s because it’s going to make a major difference in people’s lives almost immediately when buses become free as soon as July.”

The bill funds overnight service for 12 major bus lines and sets up a $10 million fund dedicated to annual investments in bus lanes, shelters and other improvements.

The council will hold a second and final vote on Allen’s bill on Dec. 20.

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