David Weeks is a Los Angeles-based creative director and multi-disciplinary artist, ready to make his mark on the nation’s capital. From artistic pop-ups to being the driving force behind popular brands, Weeks has proven that his creativity knows no bounds.

Weeks just debuted his new show, “In Due Time,” in Los Angeles, a sculpture-based exhibition. Having been shown in Hong Kong already, and with plans to bring it to London and D.C., Weeks is capturing international attention.

“’In Due Time’ is based off of the concept like my mom used to tell me— ‘in due time, anything is possible,’” Weeks shared in an exclusive interview.

Using a Rolex Yachtmaster GMT as a vessel, he explained, “You go from one level to another level to another level, and that’s what ‘In Due Time’ is and represents to me.”


Constructed from stainless steel with aluminum accents, Weeks didn’t build this monumental work alone.

He had a team and fabricators working overseas. The sculpture is represented by TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, where Weeks has been on the roster for just six months.


But sculpture is only one aspect of Weeks’ wide-ranging artistic practice.

“Most of my pieces are based off of like other experiences,” he mentioned. His work is more than just eye-catching; it serves as a vessel to tell a story, often spiritually rooted or based on personal experiences.


The DMV area has a special place in Weeks’ heart.

He cited Virginia native Pharrell as a significant influence on his career.

“In 2006, I heard him say ‘you can do it too’ on his debut album, and that kind of just opened my eyes and allowed me to do everything that I do today,” said Weeks.


Weeks also champions environmental sustainability through his nonprofit, “Plastic is Wack,” which has been responsible for beach clean-ups. On collaborating with D.C.-based artist Chris Pyrate for a clean-up initiative in the Anacostia River, Weeks revealed, “We were actually in talks. We were trying to do it right now, but we had to push it back temporarily and make sure we executed the right way.”


David Weeks exemplifies the boundless scope of what a single creative mind can accomplish, from thought-provoking art installations to community-driven causes.

As he settles into the success of his Los Angeles debut of “In Due Time,” the Washington, D.C. audience waits for what Weeks has in store for them. Given his track record, it’s sure to be something that challenges the status quo while inspiring the new generation of artists.

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