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**FILE** The D.C. Council chamber at the John A. Wilson Building in D.C. (Courtesy of dccouncil.us)

Did you know that while the DC Council is on recess this month, the Medicaid coverage of over 250,000 District residents is at risk at the end of September?

In December 2020, the Contracts Appeals Board (CAB), a board in place to provide oversight for government contracting, ordered the District government to reassess the fairness and reimbursement for the District of Columbia’s Medicaid-managed care organizations. The mayor and D.C. Council have had more than nine months to ensure that Medicaid coverage for 250,000 D.C. residents would continue without interruption. These 250,000 residents rely on Medicaid for primary care, emergency care and prescription medications. Of course, proper contract oversight is essential, but we are disappointed that the council decided to continue with their monthlong recess when the Medicaid coverage for so many District residents is at risk.

We fully understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has preoccupied much of the D.C. government’s time and energy, as it rightly should, but Medicaid is the very lifeline helping so many District residents pay for the medical care that is more important than ever! We expect our elected officials to lead in times of crises and protect Medicaid coverage for some of the District’s most vulnerable residents. It is past time for D.C.’s leaders to solve this problem, rather than retreat to their corners and leave low-income residents to fend for themselves. Now, at the eleventh hour, we demand that they put aside the rhetoric and blame-assigning and simply get this done ASAP for D.C. residents.

Call the mayor, call the council chair, call your council member, and demand that they act now to prevent D.C. residents from losing Medicaid coverage. And call AARP District of Columbia at 202-434-7700 or email us at dcaarp@aarp.org to share how important Medicaid coverage is to you, your family, friends or neighbors.

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