All schools are closed Friday, Nov. 11 for Veterans Day.

Empowering Males of Color

Sixteen city public schools have received grants through President Barack Obama’s 2014 Empowering Males of Color initiative, which has helped establish programs that male students can use to improve their academic skills and explore career interests.

Here are some of the students’ most recent sentiments:

Photos courtesy of DCPS via Facebook

Elijah, 3rd-grader, Stanton Elementary School:

“Mr. Pollard calls us kings. ‘Peace King’ stands for being your brother’s keeper. It means to take care of your brothers, and it’s important for keeping your community safer. The Boys Institute is a lot of fun. You get to play the drums and do activities.”

Photos courtesy of DCPS via Facebook

Naquan, 3rd-grader, Patterson Elementary School:

“I first got stuck on photography when I saw it in a video and it seemed interesting. That’s how I got into boys empowerment. My favorite part is being able to get out and be active. My favorite photos are the kind where it’s not too blurry and it has good action and drama. Now at home when my dad does something dramatic, I grab my phone and take a camera photo. This is one of the best pastimes you could have. It takes away about 2 hours and 30 minutes … but with fun.”

Photos courtesy of DCPS via Facebook

Deonte, 9th-grader, Ballou Senior High School:

“The Brilliant Brotherhood of Ballou is a big opportunity for me. It’s teaching young men how to take care of responsibilities and priorities. One thing that motivates me for this program is that it keeps us level, out of trouble, and occupied. They encourage us to keep working and stay focused. They want you to succeed in life and they want you to get ready for college. … Basically, you want to make your parents proud of you by getting good grades and putting forth the effort.”

Photos courtesy of DCPS via Facebook

Francisco, kindergartener, Van Ness Elementary School

“We use feeling buddies when we’re sad or happy. In the safe space, there’s a chart and a timer and a book where you can see your family. It makes me feel a bit happy. We breathe in and then we let it out until the timer finishes.”

Lavagna Supports Brent PTA

Every Wednesday in November, excluding the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Lavagna Italian restaurant in Southeast will donate 10 percent of all sales for the evening — including gift card sales, take out, happy hour and dinner — to the Brent Elementary School PTA.

The more people participating, regardless of affiliation to Brent, the better.

Spirit Week Celebrations

Several schools will celebrate “Spirit Week” from Nov. 14-18.

‘Teachable Moments’

Randle Highlands Elementary School Assistant Principal Danielle Battle thinks the extended-year schedule gives teachers more time for “teachable moments.”

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