Uber has started charging New Yorkers who use its e-hailing service to get yellow cabs a $2 booking fee. The fee is not applicable for the company's UberX service, which deploys black cabs. (Courtesy of Uber)
 (Courtesy of Uber)


(SFGate.com)—Uber and Lyft, the yin and yang of ride-hailing services, seem to have bad news-good news disclosures in tandem.

On Friday Uber disclosed that an unauthorized person had breached its driver database, gaining access to 50,000 drivers’ names and driver license numbers. Uber said the one-time breach happened May 13 and was discovered in September. It acted to tighten its database security and investigate the incident, it said. It has not heard from any drivers whose identities were hacked.

Lyft on the other hand, had an upbeat event — albeit one with an overtone of desperation. The company offered a cool $1,000 to new drivers after completing just a single ride and an equal amount to current drivers who referred them. That set off a stampede among drivers to score the lucrative incentive.



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