HOLMES: Andrew Gillum is Not Corrupt!

The television campaign advertisement that is currently being run by the Republican Party — basically saying that Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee and Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum is corrupt — is demeaning, disturbing, disingenuous and dishonest. Mr. Gillum is not corrupt. He is competent, he is capable, he is caring, he is confident and he is courageous. Andrew Gillum is not corrupt!

Listen, I am fully aware that politics is a rough and tough craft and it is not for the faint of heart, nor the thin-skinned. Nevertheless, our politics should be better than this. It’s not about “the politics of personal destruction.” It is unfortunate and ugly that his opponent has taken this negative approach to belittle and smear the character of Andrew Gillum.

The Florida gubernatorial race should be about which candidate has the best ideas, policies and vision that can move this great state forward. Florida deserves better. I believe that Mayor Gillum is uniquely prepared and qualified to become our next governor.

I have known Andrew for half of his young and impressive life. He is decent, dignified and positively driven to make a difference for all Floridians.

Andrew Gillum is not corrupt! You may disagree with some of his policies. That is fair game. But to say he is corrupt is incorrect, inexplicable and shameful. This young man is a transformational leader. I have observed him closely in various leadership positions.

Andrew Gillum served faithfully and skillfully as the Student Government Association president at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU). He was a studious, steadfast, significant, and strategic thinker as a member of FAMU’s board of trustees. He became the youngest elected Tallahassee city commissioner. As a commissioner, he brought vibrancy, vision, value and valor to that commission. As our mayor, he has been a voice for distressed communities, a fighter for the disenfranchised, and an astute problem-solver. The mayor is not perfect, but he is prepared, positive, persistent and principled. Mayor Gillum is not corrupt!

Let me be clear! Vote for whomever you want to for governor. However, if you want a governor who will fight for better wages, Andrew Gillum is the man. If you want Medicaid expanded for the poor and sick, Andrew Gillum is your man. If you want the civil rights of former felons restored, Andrew Gillum is your man.

If you want Florida’s archaic “stand your ground” law to be amended or ended, Andrew Gillum is your man. If you want clean water, beautiful beaches, a pristine environment and environmental justice, Andrew Gillum is your man. If you want to see the minimum wage increased to $15 per hour, Andrew Gillum is your man. If you want common sense gun laws, Andrew Gillum is your man. If you want better schools, safer schools, innovative schools, Andrew Gillum is your man. If you want somebody who will work to save, strengthen and sustain the four historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the Sunshine State, then Andrew Gillum is your man.

On Nov. 6, it is your choice: Andrew Gillum is not corrupt! He is a champion for the people! Be encouraged.

Holmes is publisher of the Capital Outlook in Tallahassee, Fla.

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