Patrick Achi, prime minister of the Ivory Coast, recently announced the launch of a vast social aid plan during a visit to the north of the country.

The plan covers the regions bordering Mali and Burkina Faso where jihadist groups are trying to recruit young people. The visit to the town of Tougbo took place under high security and a heavy military presence.

“We all know that the deepest cause of most crises and instability in our subcontinent is idleness, which someone said is the mother of all vices. It pushes certain despairing young people, attracted by a mirage of easy gains, to carry out destabilizing acts,” Achi said. “These acts we’re implementing will, both today and in the months to come, allow all these young people and all women to build a decent life and well-being by having access to basic social goods and a durable insertion into professional life.” 

Tougbo and its surroundings have experienced several extremist attacks and the region is classified as a red zone.

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