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It’s not every year that one turns the big 5-0, but while it’s a major milestone, Jamie Tyler of OWN’s “Love & Marriage: DC” at his 50th birthday celebration emphasized that each day of life and every birthday is a reason to rejoice.

“I celebrate every birthday. If you’ve lived like I’ve lived, survived some of the things I survived, every year means the same to me,” Tyler told The Informer at Play Lounge in Northwest D.C. on May 2. “Fifty is just a milestone that we all celebrate, but I cherish every last one of them.”

His wife of 27 years (together for 30 years) and show co-star Erana Tyler echoed her husband’s sentiments.

Jamie and Erana Tyler (Courtesy photo)
Jamie and Erana Tyler (Courtesy photo)

“We’ve been celebrating Jamie’s birthday – I think I threw his first surprise party when he was in his 20s, so every year it’s been a huge celebration,” she said. “Jamie enjoys life, celebrates everything and this 50 is very important because it’s a milestone.”

While each day is a blessing for the Tylers, the two also are commemorating another big moment in Jamie’s life – retirement.

“I just did 25 years on the job. We’re actually going on vacation in the next four hours,” he noted during the Tuesday night interview. “So we’re celebrating my retirement and 50th.”

In the second half of season two, which the Tylers said should begin airing this summer, audiences will be able to get a glimpse into what retirement looks like for the husband and father, and how his new life affects the family.

“Make sure y’all tune into the second half because we talk a lot about Jamie’s retirement,” Erana said.

The Tylers shared there will be a lot of juicy moments in part two of the second season that viewers won’t want to miss.

“Ten more episodes are coming, and they are fire. We’ve got a reunion coming, and that’s going to be fire as well.  You’ve got to stay tuned. It’s a lot going on. It’s a lot more with the Tylers and I think everyone can learn more about us, and our relationship and our family dynamic, and we’re looking forward to this summer,” Jamie said.

The two promise there will be some jaw-dropping moments.

“Clutch your pearls for the next 10 episodes,” Erana said before Jamie added, “ Bracelets, pearls, all of it.”

As the two reflected on Jamie’s 50th birthday, they offered fans advice on keys to living life to the fullest.

“Stay healthy, eat right,” Erana said. “Enjoy life every single day. Every day that you wake up is a blessing.”

Living every day to the fullest is a motto and lifestyle for the Tylers.

“You’ve just got to live your life every day, don’t leave anything on the table,” Jamie said. “I live every day. If mine ended tomorrow, you’d never say ‘he didn’t enjoy his life,’ so 50 means nothing. It’s what you do in between those days, your born day and your end day– how you live your life.”

WI Managing Editor Micha Green is a storyteller and actress from Washington, D.C. Micha received a Bachelor’s of Arts from Fordham University, where she majored in Theatre, and a Master’s of Journalism...

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  1. I love Jaime and Erana. They are so DC. I love this show and will be tuning in. Keep keeping it real and fabulous. You both represent the hometown well.

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