OK, so the mayor is cracking down on the selling of K2? Yeah OK, we have seen this before. A few years ago the same thing was being said, but pictures and videos of our young people are still everywhere with them looking possessed in the street off this crap. So I agree with the activist in this story. Will the city really shut down these awful little stores selling this crap to “our” people? I doubt that.

Vanessa Melvin
Washington, D.C.

Shining a Light on Domestic Violence

I’m so glad to see The Informer giving coverage to domestic violence! Many people don’t know that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month because it gets overshadowed by breast cancer, football and everything else, but it is. I think people have such a stigma towards domestic violence because they just assume that every case is a weak woman and a crazy man. They say things like, “why don’t you just leave?” People do leave every day and many of them are stalked, harassed and eventually killed. Let’s give context and compassion to these men and women!

Jean Cross
Washington, D.C.

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