Courtesy of Kingman Island via Facebook
Courtesy of Kingman Island via Facebook

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser recently announced significant conservation and investment commitments for Kingman and Heritage islands.

In celebration of the “Year of the Anacostia,” Bowser directed the DC Department of Energy and Environment to designate portions of both islands as a State Conservation Area and the southern area of Kingman Island as a Critical Wildlife Area.

“Our goal is a fishable, swimmable Anacostia River, and over the past few years, we have made tremendous progress toward that goal,” she said. “However, there is more to do, and these conservation designations and this new funding will help us get that work done. Efforts and investments like these are how we will become the healthiest, greenest and most sustainable city in the world.”

The State Conservation Area designation mimics the federal covenant for the islands, restricting their use to environmental, educational and recreational purposes.

Bowser also announced a new $4.7 million investment for educational and recreational improvements on the islands.

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