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Spring is a sublime and often fruitful time of the year.  The warmer weather, extended daylight, blooming flowers and seasonal recreation all bring a significant jolt to our mental and physical health.  It is a season whose natural elements inspire a deeper sense of clarity within self, a reset on our health resolutions, and putting forth action behind our smaller goals and immense dreams.

Lindiwe Vilakazi
Lindiwe Vilakazi

Personally, there is so much about the change of season, and rebirth of nature, that brings me to life just a little more.  My journey of working to strengthen my overall health, learning to maintain a better peace of mind, and carefully navigating the world around me played a major role in the vision for this month’s health supplement edition.  May is nationally dedicated to the observance of Mental Health Awareness and this month, we would like to present our audience with a few gems of critical information, helpful advice, and support to encourage self-awareness, while empowering our readers to better master their overall health.  

At times, we all find ourselves losing grip and lacking a stable sense of control, particularly when considering our mental health, nutritional balance and physical wellness.  Over the past year alone, we have seen this play out in numerous ways within our communities and beyond.  Respiratory illnesses, cancer diagnoses and food insecurity rates causing undernutrition, for example, have all become increasingly prevalent issues across the D.C. Metropolitan area alone.  Likewise, metropolitan cities and even suburban communities across the United States are seeing an influx of chaos at the hands of exasperated, anguished, and at times, outright mentally unstable populations of people.  Long-term effects of the unprecedented health crisis of covid-19, the dangers of a growing opioid epidemic, and a city riddled with crimes are truly symptomatic of numerous mental health, dietary, and emotional imbalances that have long rested beneath the distress.

Published in this month’s health supplement, our writers have contributed thoughtful pieces of content highlighting various aspects of mental health, nutrition, and wellness.  From multiple angles of how mental health challenges can afflict our communities, to nutritional tips for better eating and health, and literary suggestions to further empower your mind, and wellness choices, The Washington Informer presents to you our May Health Supplement with tons of love, light, and embrace.  We wish that you all stay safe, healthy, and most importantly, inspired through the process. 

Warm Wishes,

Lindiwe Vilakazi
WI Health Writer

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