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With Montgomery County’s indoor mask requirement set to expire in the coming days, the jurisdiction will likely let the clock run out on the mandate without an extension, says its county council president.

The mandate, in place since the fall, is set to expire on Feb. 21, but Council President Gabe Albornoz doesn’t expect the council — meeting as the board of health on Tuesday — to change course with the county’s coronavirus metrics improving.

“It’s appropriate for us to be able to move forward with eliminating the mask mandate after the 21st,” he said, WTOP reported. “Especially if the numbers continue to go down.”

The county’s updated coronavirus data showed the seven-day case was 98.2 per 100,000 residents, in the “substantial” transmission range, falling beneath “high” transmission for the first time since mid-December, WTOP reported. The county’s positivity rate hovers at 2.9%, placing it at the “low” level of transmission.

Meanwhile, as neighboring D.C. lifts its policy requiring proof of coronavirus vaccination for city businesses on Tuesday, Albornoz said not to expect any similar type of policy for the county in the near future.

While the council had discussed the matter several times, it chose to wait and see how well the policy worked for D.C., Albornoz said, WTOP reported.

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