Candice Marshall
Candice Marshall (Courtesy of Morgan State University)

Candice Marshall, one of 11 students in the industrial and computational mathematics program at Morgan State University, is set to become the first person to receive a doctorate in mathematics at the historically Black university.

Marshall, who will receive her doctorate degree in December, is a native of St. Lucia in the Caribbean. Her research has involved advanced matrix algebra and Riordan matrices. She has also had two research papers published in peer-reviewed journals during her doctoral studies.

While the industrial mathematics uses strong data applications to solve problems in government, industry and other large workplaces, computational mathematics involves research in areas such as traffic flow analysis, earthquake predicting and analysis of climate change.

Marshall earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics at Morgan State University in 2005. After teaching at a high school in St. Lucia for three years, she returned to Morgan State to earn a master’s degree in 2011 and then enrolled in doctoral studies.

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