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Pepco customers who have been financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic are urged to establish payment arrangements and get connected to customer assistance programs that can help get their accounts up to date.

Because Pepco recognizes the financial challenges some customers are facing as a result of the pandemic, the company will continue its practice of working with each customer individually to help with the continuation of their electric service.

Service disconnections, which were suspended in March, are always a last resort and many times can be avoided if customers contact us to establish payment arrangement and to discuss additional options. While the company is not currently disconnecting service, it is essential that customers contact us now to take the steps necessary to manage their energy bill.

Pepco has expanded billing and payment options to include eliminating down payment/security deposit requirements, extending payment periods for balances and connecting more customers with energy assistance funds. During this time, Pepco has also been reaching out continually to customers who have fallen behind on their payments, as well as customers who may be eligible for energy assistance, through phone calls, letters, emails, social media, and targeted advertising.

The most important step that residential customers who are past due on their Pepco Power bill can take, is to contact the company at 202-833-7500 or as soon as possible. Customers should never wait until they are in crisis to reach out for assistance.

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