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At Washington Gas, safely and reliably meeting the energy needs of our customers is our highest priority. Each year, we help customers prepare for the winter heating season with information about energy efficiency, energy conservation and energy assistance. This helps keep expenses down while keeping your home warm.

We know that no matter how mild or severe the winter weather may be, heating costs take a bigger share of household budgets this time of year, adding stress and strain to your budget. To assist customers, there are several options available to help manage your Washington Gas bill.

Budget Plan

The Budget Plan spreads the cost of winter heating over the entire year. We calculate your average monthly payment based on historical natural gas usage, adjusted for normal weather and projected gas costs. Each month, your bill will show actual gas usage and bill amounts, along with budget installments, so you can review the information. Depending on the time of year, your budget installment may be more or less than your actual monthly usage. The Budget Plan is designed as a 12-month program, and we encourage you to stay on it year-round to realize the potential benefits.

Payment Extension Plan

The Payment Extension Plan (offered to residential customers only) can extend the due date for customers – typically individuals whose main source of income is a monthly government payments or pension checks – who purchase gas from Washington Gas and receive their bills after the 10th of the month. With this plan, the due date (last day to pay without a penalty) of your current monthly gas bill is extended to the 5th of the next month, making it easier for you to apply a portion of your government or pension check to your gas bill. There is no late charge if the payment for your gas bill is received by the extended due date.

Deferred Payment Arrangement

Washington Gas will work with all of its eligible customers who cannot pay the “past due bill amount” as well as the “current charges” on their gas bill, by entering into a deferment/pay agreement/ or consent order at the request of the customer. We will comply with all applicable laws, tariff regulations, or other arrangements Washington Gas enters into with its regulators when extending payment deferments to customers who show a willingness to pay past due amounts. The deferred payment agreement Washington Gas may enter into with its’ customers prevents further credit action on the account, including the assessment of late charges, the sending of reminder and/or turn off notices, and outbound calls, as long as the customer abides by the agreement.

Energy Assistance

If you or someone you know reside in the District of Columbia is having difficulty paying a natural gas bill, please contact the Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) at 311 or online to determine eligibility for the following programs. While eligibility for most programs depends on household size and total household income, other factors may apply depending on the program. If you reside in Prince George’s County and require assistance paying your natural gas bill, please call the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services at 301-909-7000.

WAFF – More than 35 years ago, Washington Gas and The Salvation Army created the Washington Area Fuel Fund (WAFF) to help families in need pay their heating bills. Since WAFF’s inception, more than $27 million has assisted 283,000 residents in the Washington metropolitan region. Customers and donors generously support this effort every year. Washington Gas pays all fees to administer the program so that 100 percent of WAFF contributions go to families in need. WAFF pays for all types of fuel to heat families’ homes during the winter season. For more information go to

WAFF Washington Gas Merger Funds Program – Through its merger with AltaGas, Washington Gas established the Merger Funds Program to broaden the eligibility for energy assistance for Washington Gas customers to families making up to $75,000 per year.

For more information on any of the services offered, please call Washington Gas at 844-WASHGAS (927-4427).

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